LRS Search

//Get LRS from coordinates
//Set the coordinates
var lon = 7.007390569323055;
var lat = 43.62371428303164;

LRS.getLRSFromCoordinates(lon, lat).done(function(lrs) {
	//Here you can use the lrs result;

//Get coordinates from LRS
//Set a custom object used for the lrs search
var lrsObject = {
	relativeAbscisa: '50',
	prNumber: '1',
	roadName: '06D103'
//If isRelative is true then the search distance will be relative to the PR number
var isRelative = true;
LRS.getCoordinatesFromLRS(lrsObject, isRelative).done(function(response) {
	//Here you can use the coordinates result
	//For example you can use the coordinates to get the closest image

function onGetLRSFromCoordinates(lrs) {
	console.log('lrs: ', lrs);

function onGetCoordinatesFromLRS(position) {
	console.log('coordinates: ',position);